Steyr Motors and Frauscher Bootswerft to introduce hybrid propulsion system

As the price of fuel rises and emission standards get tougher, the boating industry is exploring the concept of hybrid boats.

Steyr Motors and Frauscher Bootswerft plan to introduce a new serial hybrid propulsion System in Düsseldorf this month.

According to Frauscher Bootswerft…

The long standing collaboration between the Austrian companies STEYR MOTORS ( and Frauscher Bootswerft ( has now resulted in the exciting commercial launch of the worldwide first serial Hybrid Propulsion System for pleasure boats at “Boot 08” Düsseldorf in January 2008.

The environmentally friendly hybrid solution marks a new chapter in the history of pleasure boat propulsion. It not only assures zero emission and low speed manoeuvring in harbours, noiseless drive on inland waters and nature reserves, but also eliminates the need for separate generator units for other onboard equipment. The “zero emission” electric drive mode allows for a speed of 5 knots using solely electric propulsion and switches to the combustion engine with an easy turn of the ignition key. The ingenious propulsion then gets “boosted” by the electric drive and secures a quicker acceleration into the planning phase lowering fuel consumption and improving response and dynamics.

Source: Frauscher Bootswerf

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