The Schottel Twin-Propeller system

While the Schottel Twin-Propeller might remind you of a kitchen device that slices and dices, the design makes a big difference when you are in the water.

Featuring two propellers mounted on a common shaft, the system’s unusual look translates into greater efficiency and fewer maintenance calls.

According to Schottel…

The SCHOTTEL Twin-Propeller (STP) is the successful optimization of the complete Rudderpropeller system with an efficiency up to 20% higher. It is the ideal means of propulsion for all vessels in the medium speed range with application-related higher propeller loads.

Two propellers mounted on a common shaft and rotating in the same direction, with guide fins integrated into the complete system, result in a host of advantages, including high reliability due to the straightforward construction with a small number of moving parts, reduction of the propeller diameter without penalizing the efficiency, lower fuel costs and low maintenance requirements.

Source: Schottel

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