Airberth lifts your boat out of the water for easy service

The AirBerth system allows you to clean and service your boat by lifting it out of the water. Cleaning your boat easier, and it is sure to be an attention getter at the marina when you lift your boat out of the water like a Las Vegas magician.

According to AirBerth…

Spend more time boating and less on maintenance!

You wouldn’t park a Ferrari in the street so why would you leave your boat in the water?

AirBerth is the revolutionary way to keep your boat out of the water eliminating the hassles of towing, launching, mooring and cleaning. It simply attaches to your current jetty, pontoon or marina berth, giving you instant access to your boat anytime.

Now that’s peace of mind!

  • Eliminate the need to anti-foul your boat
  • Minimise electrolysis and osmosis on your boat
  • High Density Polyethylene plastic construction
  • Portability allows for easy relocation
  • No submerged metal parts
  • Isolated air and water for added safety

Source: Airberth

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