Pedal-powered boat to cross Atlantic Ocean in 2008

Adventurers have sailed and flown across the Atlantic Ocean to set records. Now Greg Kolodziejzyk plans to pedal 3000 miles across the Atlantic in his foot-powered boat “WiTHiN” as part of an effort to encourage children to lead a healthy life and fight childhood obesity.

According to the Pedal The Ocean website…

Greg Kolodziejzyk is a highly regarded ultra-endurance athlete, 12 time Ironman finisher and has qualified to compete at the Ironman world championships in Hawaii. He has completed over a dozen marathons and qualified for Boston marathon twice. Greg owns two world Guinness(tm) World records for endurance cycling – in July of 2006 he pedalled his human powered vehicle 647 miles in 24 hours, and in June of 2007, Greg pedalled his human powered boat 173 km in 24 hours.

The fastest man on land now plans to turn his passion for Human Power to the sea in a challenge he calls “Pedal the Ocean”. In late 2008, Greg will set out to pedal across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat that he calls “WiTHiN”, designed specifically for the human powered speed record.

In Dec. of 2008, Greg is planning on pedaling his human powered boat “WiTHiN” 3000 miles across the Atlantic ocean in less than 40 days setting a new world record for the fastest human powered Atlantic crossing. Pedal The Ocean explores the limits of what is possible with human power.

The WiTHiN boat is specially designed for challenges and hazards of a cross-ocean journey. From tall waves to the wakes of passing boats, the WiTHiN is built to handle rough seas.

WITHIN will be a fully faired self-righting pedal powered boat capable of high speed in good conditions and maintaining way in adverse weather conditions. The boat will be performance optimised for Greg’s continuous power output and weekly provisioning requirements. WITHIN will incorporate modern materials and technology to ensure a lightweight craft without compromise for Greg’s safety and overall performance.

WITHIN-Prototype is a proof of concept boat based on a 2- man kayak hull that will enable rapid development of the technology required to make WITHIN viable. Phase one of WITHIN Prototype has been named WITHIN-24 and will be used early in the development phase of the project to attempt a new 24 hour record for human powered boats.

Source: Pedal The Ocean

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