2008 Malibu Boats Sunscape 23 LSV

The 2008 Sunscape 23 LSV from Malibu Boats is described as “an evolutionary breakthrough in boat design”.

According to Malibu boats…

The deck and newly tooled Diamond hull were modeled from scratch in a 3D environment. All shapes and angles were rethought with the goal of perfect handling and smooth ride in mind. The result is a 23-foot boat that welcomes rough water, intuitively responds to a touch of the steering wheel and hosts luxurious amenities.

The exterior follows the sharp look of the 247 LSV with the addition of the new Frameless-Vented Windshield.

Malibu engineers have tweaked the hull transitions between the keel and the strakes. They shaped these compound curves to dissipate the shock and noise of choppy water without a handling compromise.

The rear seat lean-back is designed with a new hand-wrapped element that can house an available rear LCD switch panel. This option controls theater-style interior lighting, the new Malibu-Rockford Fosgate Sound System, available heaters and new Malibu Factory and Custom Presets. Passengers in the lounge can now share in a level of control only previously afforded the driver.

Malibu is now offering an optional Sport Seating package that comes with two of the new 2008 swivel driver’s seats. So the passenger can enjoy 8-position adjustment, automotive-style lumbar support and a front facing view. The passenger’s captain seat can also be accessorized with power adjustment and a seat heater.

Source: Malibu Boats

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