Yacht submarine offers luxury above and below the waves

If you have the dreams of becoming Captain Nemo (and $80,000,000) you can buy your own 213′ Submarine 65m Yacht.

YachtWorld.com features details on this unusual luxury craft.
Clearly, the 65m Submarine provides its owner with substantially more capability than a simple yacht – the opportunity to explore the depths of the world’s oceans in perfect comfort and safety. The 65m Submarine is capable of making trans-Atlantic crossings at 16 knots yet can dive along the route and explore the continental margins of some of the most fascinating waters on earth. And unlike surface yachts, when the water gets rough, the submarine can submerge into a perfectly smooth and quiet environment, continuing on toward its destination, providing a ride unsurpassed in quality-unequaled by the finest motor coach or the most luxurious executive aircraft.

Scary pipe organ music and giant squid insurance not included.

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