The “anti-Buffett bill” might restrict boat music volume levels

What kind of music goes with boating? Do you play rock and roll, hip-hop, or do you just like the sound of the engine and the water?

If you are boating with music in Florida, a new bill nicknamed the “anti-Buffett bill” (after musician Jimmy Buffett), might have you turning down the volume.

The WMBB TV web site reports on Senate Bill 1988, proposing limits on boating music volume. Any boater who plays music audible from 100 feet away would be charged with a non-criminal infraction.

Not all Florida residents think there needs to be a new law. Some boaters view the bill as more meddling by government officials.

What do you think? Should boats have music volume limits? Would your boat be affected by such a law when you play your music on the water? Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the “anti-Buffett bill”, especially if you are a Parrothead.

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