Welcome aboard the Boat Trader Blog!

Welcome aboard Boat Trader Insider, the official boat blog of Boat Trader. We’re just getting underway, so this might be a good time to answer some questions.

Some of you might not have your sea legs yet when it comes to blogging and how blogs work, so let’s explain who we are and what our purpose is. Don’t worry, we won’t make you seasick with tech talk.

What is a blog?

A “blog” is an online diary or journal written by a “blogger” to inform others about a particular subject. “Blogging” is when a person uses a blog to share their thoughts and ideas. Businesses use blogs to inform their customers about their services and official news. Others use blogs to create online communities, where individuals with a common interest come together to communicate. The “Blogosphere” refers to the world of all bloggers, or bloggers in a particular community or subject, like sports, politics, or pop culture.

What do we blog about at Boat Trader?

Our main focus will be the buying and selling of boats and other watercraft. That’s what we do best and we want to help you to get the most out of our site. We will show you how to use features and resources that Boat Trader offers to help you find or sell your boat faster and safely.

Some of Boat Trader’s customers just buy boats for their own leisure, other customers are here to sell boats and offer products and services.

Boats have become more than just a place to kick back on the open water or go fishing. Today’s boats are high powered and equipped with advanced technology. Boaters use GPS devices to track their travels and Wi-Fi to access the Internet. Other boats are lean, mean fishing machines, designed to move quickly where the biggest catches are. Some sailboats are not very different from their wooden ancestors, but are constructed using new technology that makes them sleeker and faster than ever before.

As the world of boating expands and changes, we want to keep you informed.

You can help Boat Trader Insider!

Do you like our stories? Do you have ideas or stories you want to share? Let us know. You can click on the little speech balloon under each story on our blog and leave a comment. Please be polite and write a comment related to the story. You can also contact us at boat blog@TraderOnline.com. Send us your story ideas and comments.

Do you have a boat blog?

If you have a blog about boats, any type of boat, let us know about it!

We want to know who is writing about boats the blogosphere. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you find an interesting boat related site or news story, send us a link. We need your help and contributions to keep this blog afloat.

If you have a boat blog, feel free to link to us! We can’t promise that we will link back, but if you find your blog informative and complies with our standards, chances are strong we’ll return the favor.

Let’s get started
We hope you read our boat blog and enjoy our travels. It is our readers who steer our course.

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