Boat Trailers: How Much Hitch?

A Class III round receiver.

Hauling a boat to your favorite lake or river can be a challenge. Oftentimes, boats are some of the heaviest loads you can pull. The good news is that … [Read more...]

All About Boat Trailers

Wheel bearings are the most critical maintenance item on a boat trailer because they can strand you by the roadside and keep you off the water. Service your bearings with fresh grease before each boating season and replace them as necessary. Photio: Brett Becker

When we shop for boats, we look critically at the boat. We scrutinize its condition and whether it will meet our needs. On the other hand we probably don’t … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Ramp Launching

Avoid the ramp follies: If you get out of line backing down, drive back up, straighten things out, and start again.

One would hope all boaters wouldn’t need a guide like this to tell you how to launch a boat, but some do. That said, we realize we walk a thin line between … [Read more...]