Brett Becker

What is This, a Boat Owner’s Manual or a Release Waiver?

From all the warnings in owner's manuals these days, you might think boating was a little risky. (Winslow Homer, The Gulf Scream... no, Gulf Stream)

In doing research for a towboat review I was writing, I got drawn into the worm hole of the Internet and ended up leafing through its owner’s manual … [Read more...]

Best Boat Deals: Expert’s Choice — Fountain, Sea Ray, Formula, Regal

2006 Fountain Lightning

  2006 Fountain Lightning View this listing on Boat Trader I must have the speed gene this month — well, always — because go-fast boats … [Read more...]

Steady Boat Maintenance Pays Off When It’s Time to Sell

Good, steady maintenance habits during the time you own your boat will make it much easier to sell when the time comes.

We cover a lot of maintenance issues on Boat Trader, and offer plenty of tips on how to sell your boat more easily online. But one reason for maintenance … [Read more...]

Five Simple Habits That Make Your Boat Engine Last Longer

It's tempting to hit the throttle early, but resist the urge and let your engine warm up to operating temperature first. Enjoy the view for a while at a nice, slow idle.

Everybody is looking for ways to make things last longer, whether it’s our cars, appliances, baseball games, or yes, our boats. What if I told you there … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Consider an Extended Warranty on a Used Boat

Weigh your own skills, time, and money against the complexity of systems on the boat. The more complex they are, the more an extended warranty might make sense.

If you're considering a used boat that's new enough to qualify for an extended warranty, it might be worth considering the extra expense. Here are five … [Read more...]

Boater Envy: New vs. Used

This was the price of a Grady-White 230 Fisherman at the New York Boat Show in 2011.

Deep down inside you really wish you could be shopping for a new boat. You want that sweet smell of styrene when you open a hatch. You want that VIP delivery … [Read more...]

Selling Your Boat: Making the Most of Online Price Range

Online buyers usually choose price ranges when they look at boats. If you wanted to get $75,500 for your Boston Whaler 230 Dauntless, you could set a price up to $75,999 to give yourself more wiggle room in the 70K-80K range.

So you’re getting ready for one of the two best days of a boater’s life: the day you sell your boat. First, you need to establish a value for the boat. … [Read more...]

Best Boat Deals: Expert’s Choice, Vol. 2

2014 Monterey 288SS

  2014 Monterey 288SS View this listing on Boat Trader Boats like this are what make the used market so appealing. Here’s a one-year-old Monterey … [Read more...]

Trailering Your Boat: Seven Items to Check Every Time

New truck, new trailer, new boat. The trailer may be the least sexy part of that trio, but it still needs to be monitored just as carefully.

Yes, I know, a headline like that can come across as a pedantic wet blanket. You could read it that way -- I get that, but here’s the way it was intended: … [Read more...]

Mercury Alpha Drive to Bravo One: a Worthwhile Conversion

The Bravo One drive uses a different transom assembly than the Alpha, but the bolt pattern is the same except for two additional holes for the Bravo assembly.

Say you’ve found the perfect used boat. Well, almost. It has all the equipment and amenities you were looking for, right down to the V8 engine, except … [Read more...]