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Cold weather boating – Don’t let winter keep you off the water!

While summer is the traditional time for boaters to take to the water, cold weather does not have to be the end of your boating fun. According to a … [Read more...]

Triumph boats are battered by the “Bubba Test”

The News and Observer reports a Triumph boat was dragged behind a truck at 45 mph, then rammed into a tree, then smashed into the side of a parked car. This … [Read more...]

Avoid phantom boat engines – Protect yourself from Internet fraud

A word of advice from law enforcement: if you sell a boat engine on the Internet, it helps to actually own a boat engine. The Great Falls Tribune Online … [Read more...]

New light-weight 4-stroke outboard, other products, featured at IBEX

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The Jamestown Press features a report on new boat products that were on display at the IBEX show in Miami last week. On display was Suzuki's new 300 … [Read more...]

Solar power sailing – Using solar panels on the water

Solar panels are not just for treehuggers and home owners anymore. Now boat owners can use them too. Sun features a profile of two former … [Read more...]

Riding in a Fountain powerboat – 2,700 horsepower on the water – Hang on!

Want to know what it's like to go really fast on the open water and hit speeds of over 100mph? MSNBC and Forbes feature a story on riding in a Fountain … [Read more...]

Copper boat paint ban stirs up controversy in San Diego

The Log, a Southern California fishing and boating newspaper, reports on the controversy over copper-based boat bottom paint and its effects on the environment. Copper-based … [Read more...]

Old boats are clogging Florida waterways

According to The Saint Petersburg Times, Florida's boat population is outpacing its human population. Now 850 old and junked boats are becoming a public … [Read more...]

Memories of Chris Craft – A look back at a Tennessee boat factory

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Chris Craft boating company has a history that goes back to 1874, when founder Christopher Columbus Smith built a boat for duck hunting at age 13. Eventually … [Read more...]

Ethanol for your boat engine? Learn how to protect your boat engine and investment

Ethanol is commonly used to fuel cars and trucks, but can you just fill up your favorite boat with ethanol safely? Boating Magazine features an article … [Read more...]