What boating was like 400 years ago at Jamestown

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When the first settlers arrived at Jamestown over 400 years ago, there was no GPS to guide them through unknown waters. Today, an historical recreation … [Read more...]

Birdwatchers use boats to get up close

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The features a story from the Associated Press on boaters and bird watching.Birdwatchers are using boats to view bird species that are … [Read more...]

Will fuel costs keep boaters drydocked?

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The Virginian Pilot in Hampton Roads, Virgina features as story on the effect that rising fuel costs could have on boating.Fuel costs affect not just the … [Read more...]

Center console boats get bigger

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Soundings Online features a story on the new generation of giant center console boats. 26 feet was once considered large for a center console boat. New … [Read more...]

The crushing end of old derelict boats

Just like old cars, old boats go to the scrapyard when their cruising days are over. What happens to old boats when they are junked? A story in the Brandenton … [Read more...]

Soundings Online reports on new boat electronics

Soundings Online features a guide to new electronic gear for boaters. The story covers what is new in plotters, radar, sonar, and other electronic gear … [Read more...]

Boating with your dog

Families who enjoy boating together can bring their pets along for the ride. If you are planning to take your dog with you on a boating trip, check out … [Read more...]

Painting and protecting your boat hull features a story on picking the right bottom paint for your boat to protect the hull from underwater growth.Bottom paints differ in cost … [Read more...]

A checklist for boating season

As the weather warms up and the boating season begins, The Daily Herald features a handy checklist getting your boat ready. Tip include how to take your … [Read more...]

The Octopus yacht arrives in Shanghai

The Shanghai Daily reports on the arrival of the The Octopus, a 127-meter-long yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.The Octopus features extras … [Read more...]