Fishing kayaks catch on with anglers

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S.S. Minnow from “Gilligan’s Island” sets out again

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Luxury yachts sales expected to be hot for 2007

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Boat tax in Kentucky causes controversy on Ohio River

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First marine catalytic converter arrives for 2007

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Refurbished sailboat becomes couple’s dream boat

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Happy Holidays from Boat Trader Insider

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10 tons of fishing gear removed from ocean floor

The website for the University of California at Davis reports on a program to remove lost fishing nets, lobster traps, and other lost gear from the ocean … [Read more...]

Mercury Marine tests boats at the X-site

The X-site sounds like it might be a secret military base mentioned in hushed tones by conspiracy theorists, but The Miami Herald website reports the secret … [Read more...]

Watch movies on the water with a home theater on your boat

Turning your boat into a floating movie theater is cheaper than ever as the price of DVD players and flat screen TVs hit new lows. features … [Read more...]