The Boat Trader App: Who Knew?

The Boat Trader app lets you search by manufacturer or by boat tyoe.

The Boat Trader app lets you search by manufacturer or by boat tyoe.

This is a story of the good things you can find right in your own back yard more than a shameless promotion of a site I write for. Honest.

I was noodling around the website looking for story ideas when I stumbled on the Boat Trader app. I can’t believe I never saw it before. Now, when I’m bored, instead of cruising Facebook to find yet another post from someone I  barely know showing off yet another video of his kid who just isn’t as cute, gifted, or amusing as he thinks he is, I can shop for bargains on boats.

You can go about it in a couple of ways. First, you can shop by manufacturer, which includes fields for low and high price, length, and location. Yes, they have included pretty much any manufacturer you can think of, which is something of a programming feat in itself.

You also can search by boat type, which also includes fields for prices and lengths. The cool part is that you can sort the results by price, distance, length, date, and model year. I found a 1971 28-foot Seabird for $9,900, and it included an inflatable tender with an outboard engine!

The app also includes a “favorites” section, but that strikes me as a paid section for boat dealers in my area. It’s handy, but it’s not my favorite feature. It also has a weather function.

For kicks, I like to shop by boat type and price only. I’ll start by putting in a ridiculously low figure for the upper price limit just to see what comes up. You never know what someone might be desperate to get rid of that would be a bargain in your eyes.

The Boat Trader app likely will not become as popular as the Facebook app, but it just might be a better use of your time.

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