Fall: Best Season for Fishing


Great tasting saltwater fish like Tautog are found along the New England coast.

The weekly “hump day” gathering of friends for a beer after work is in full swing in my neighbor’s garage. The trades are well represented: a mechanic, an electrician, an insulator, a couple of carpenters, an oil burner technician and me.  What I have in common with these guys besides the affinity of fixing things, is boats. They love boats because boats get them to the fish. Me, I love boats for other reasons, but having grown up in a coastal fishing village I understand their passion.

Bill, the oil burner guy, and I exchanged some minor boating material. My contribution was a chart-book of the local waters followed by a discussion of good places to explore and fish.  He handed me a copy of this year’s Saltwater Recreational Fishing Guide put out by my State’s Department of Fish and Game.  In it was a graph depicting that September is the month when the best saltwater fishing exists for the most species of fish.

fishing calendar

The saltwater fishing calendar for recreational fisherman in Massachusetts shows September is a great time for fishing.

Nine species – Black Sea Bass, Bluefin Tuna, Bluefish, False Albacore, Pollock, Scup, Striped Bass, Tautog, and Winter Flounder – are listed on the Recreational Saltwater Fishing Calendar as “Best”. Of course, these fin fish and many other species are rated “good” catches for most of the summer, but September and early October looks to be the time when more species are active.

We talk about the best fishing holes for each individual species and the catch limit for each. What I appreciate about these fishermen is that they only take what they can eat fresh. When the discussion gets technical about bait and lures used for one species or another, I fade to the fridge for another frosty.

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