Top 10 Boats Made Out of Food

Chocolate Boat

Chocolate Boat

As the season for over indulging comes to a close, what do I stumble across in my daily perusal of boating industry news, blogs, etc? The Top 10 Boats Made of Food. Not all of the boats are made strictly out of food; actually, some are made out of food and beverage containers.

My personal favorite, which happens to be the top boat as well, is a boat made completely out of chocolate. A French chocolatier created, “Bateau Chocolat II,” a 3.5 meter-long boat out of 1.2 tons of chocolate and sugar. One word, yum!

The most unordinary boat that made the top ten list was the “Jute Boat.” Jute is a shiny vegetable fibre that is spun into course strong threads. The jute boat is unsinkable and eco-friendly fashioned to promote the fibre. The creator of the boat sailed from Bangladeshi to France in the jute boat to raise awareness of the growing problems for fishermen in Bangladeshi due to global warming.

Another boat of mention is the “Ice Cream Stick Boat.” The creator of the ice cream stick boat, his son and over 5,000 children participated in supplying the materials for the boat. The boat is 50 feet long and made out of 15,000 recycled ice cream sticks. After the boat was assembled, the creator and his crew filled it with stuffed animals and set sail for London to visit its children’s hospitals.

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