WaterBlogged – Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Rick A., who also came up with the winning name, “WaterBlogged.” Rick was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., raised on the water on Long Island. He and his two brothers used to fish with their Dad all the time. He loved it so much, he bought his first boat at 9 years old! He then started a seafood route with his brothers, supplying half of the town with crabs and clams. He decided to start selling boats at 17, and moved to Florida shortly thereafter where he worked with the Family Boating Centers for 27 years. After making his way around boat sales and dealerships, he eventually landed in the Brokerage side of the business.

Contest Winner Rick A.

Rick says, “I have been using Boat Trader since its inception, and it is still my best source for leads and sales. I have been serving the boating community since 1969 and I am  still using Boat Trader. My hat’s off to you all. Happy and Safe Boating.”

Our hats are off to you, Rick! Thanks for your continued support of Boat Trader, and for coming up with the perfect name for our blog!

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