Water Blogged – Contest Winner!

The winner of our “Name the Blog” contest is George, from Vermont! George is an avid boater and water-lover, and he has been around boating his entire life. That’s probably why he was able to come up with the perfect name for our blog! Check out George’s story, straight from the mouth of this Long Island native!

When Moby Dick was a guppy, I was growing up on the south shore of Long Island. I had my first boat when I was ten years old; it was a 9 foot Glaspar with a 10 horse Johnson outboard – steering wheel and all! I had a lot of fun riding the wakes of the bigger boats, fishing, clamming, and crabbing.

Having long since vacated Long Island, I spend my perfect days boating on Lake Champlain in Vermont! I have always been around boating and could never live any place without it. My boating days are spent cruising around, rafting up with friends, swimming with family and enjoying ourselves.

When I read about the “name the blog contest,” I thought for a minute and came up with it. I love a play on words as it keeps a humorous tone to many conversations. I thought blog around boating, water, etc…and I thought of water-logged. And it came to me – Water Blogged!

Thanks for sharing George – we can’t wait to see your name popping up on our blog!


  1. davidrenair says:

    WaterBlogged is a great name – cool story from George, too! The blog has some great content and I’m looking forward to the new stories that you’re including.

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