Boating Apps for the iPhone

As the number of apps for mobile devices expand into the millions, apps for boaters are now in high demand.

Our own Boat Trader iPhone app has been a huge success in connecting customers selling or buying boats. Other mobile apps help boaters plan a trip, track the maintence of their boats, and even show how to tie proper knots.

While the Boat Trader app is our favorite, here are few more boating apps we were impressed with.

NOAA Buoy Data Reader

The NOAA Buoy Data Reader finds your present positon, then lists NOAA Weather Buoy locations nearby. Click on any buoy to find wind speed, direction, and other information.

Pro Knot

The Proknot App shows how to tie 17 essential rope knots and 17 usefule f0ishing knots. The app guides you with illustration step-by-step. If you’re still struggling to tie a proper bowline knot, this app makes it easy.

Boating Suite

The Boating Suite app is described as six apps in one. Each section of the Boating Suite offers information on boating activites and expenses. Boating Suite logs your fuel purchases, expenses, weather conditions, and even a shopping list.

Mobile Marine for the iPhone

The Mobile Marine app not only tracks where you travel with your boat, offering information on tides, routes, and marina locations, but also lets you share your boating photos with geotagging on Facebook and email. Record and share details of your boating trip as it happens.

The Complete Watercraft Safety Course
The Complete Watercraft Safety Course offers videos on your iPhone on boating safety, boat maintenance, legal issues, and dealing with emergencies. According to the app’s site, videos and information were designed by certified watercraft safety professionals.

Do you have any favorite boating app? Tell us about them and leave a comment.


  1. Bill says:

    I would recommend taking a look at Simple Charts which I use on the iPad but I believe it works on the iPhone as well. It is a great little app that does both the navigation and the weather all in one. Definitely worth taking a look at.

  2. Mike says:

    Can I recommend simple speedometer and weater report app. for iPhone: Boat HUD

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