Shakespeare Introduces Two New VHF sailboat antennas

The performance of Galaxy antennas are now available in two new Shakespeare VHF sailboat antennas. To meet the requirements of demanding sailors, the Galaxy 5445 Stainless Steel Whip with Wind Vane and Galaxy 5440 Stainless Steel Whip are durable yet lightweight, with a straightforward installation.

Combining communication with information, an included wind vane on the Galaxy 5445 provides wind direction to the purist sailor. Both 3-foot, 3dB antennas offer low wind drag and come with 65′ of special low-loss RG-58 coax cable and a PL-259 connector.

These dependable Galaxy VHF sailboat antennas feature an offset mounting bracket to simplify installation and help maintain distance from other mast-top devices. An exclusive solderless connector system at the base of the antenna enables easy removal of the 5445 and 5440 for storage and reinstallation.

Source: Shakespeare

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