Newly Patented Safety Alert System Makes PWCs Safer

To create a safer recreational environment on water and land, PWC Industries Inc. introduces the ground-breaking Safety Alert System. Its bright LED light notifies other outdoor enthusiasts of a decelerating craft or vehicle.

As a vehicle decelerates, the module emits a signal to illuminate the rear-installed LED, helping surrounding operators take timely corrective action and avoid collisions.

“What better cause can this company be associated with than helping to reduce injuries, fatalities, damage, costly repairs and downtime to outdoor recreation enthusiasts,” said PWC Industries CEO and president Paul Grzebielucha. “We’re dedicated to manufacturing dependable, high-quality and easy-to-install products for our customers, the Safety Alert System is no exception.”

Not just water resistant but, completely water- and vibration-proof, the Safety Alert System is built to endure harsh environmental conditions with an Urethane encapsulated circuit board.

Source: PWC Industries Inc.

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