The A22 From Axis Wake Research Is About Big Wakes And Functionality

The new A22 boat from Axis Wake Research is is described as a complete core rider accommodation without the typical big wake price tag. At 22 feet, the A22 is optimized for big wakes through hull design, ballast configuration and optional wake enhancement.

Other features include customizable seating, well-designed storage and rider-inspired interior amenities.

In this YouTube video, Randall “the Vandall” Harris describes what he likes about the A22. According to Axis, Harris was inducted to the new price-point big wake boat company’s ranks, not for his impressive professional wakeboarding status, but because of his core riding and wakeboard boat ideals.

He has always been in search of a ride that is about big wakes and functionality with solid style and a price tag that core riders like he and his friends can afford.

Source: Axis Wake Research


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