Turn Your Kayak Into a Powerboat With The Torqeedo Ultralight 402

It might seem strange to put a motor on a kayak. If you want to take a break from the paddles, Torqeedo can help you out with the Ultralight 402.

Torqeedo says it’s the first viable motor for kayaks on the market, with a total weight of 15 lbs., including battery.

Completely submersible and IP68-rated, it will operate even when fully submersed. With a simple mounting ball it can be easily mounted onto most rigid hull kayaks.

The propulsive power of the Ultralight 402 is equivalent to a 1 HP gas outboard. Depending on the type of kayak, it reaches a max speed between 5.0-6.5 mph for about half an hour. At slow speed, the Ultralight 402 can drive a kayak for a range of 12-15 miles.

Its impressive speed and range are due to the latest technologies employed in the batteries and drivetrain. The high-efficiency drivetrain converts 50% of stored battery power into propulsive power, measured after all losses including propeller losses. The equivalent value for trolling motors amounts to some 20% while internal combustion outboards have even smaller overall efficiencies.

An integrated board computer combines information from the motor, batteries and a built-in GPS. The kayaker has battery charge, speed and remaining range at current speed always under control.

The Ultralight 402 is the perfect choice for kayak anglers, family kayakers and sea kayakers. It allows for trolling, provides additional range, gives support against local currents and is helpful when kayaking with friends and family, who may prefer the convenience of an outboard.

Each Ultralight 402 comes with a motor mount, motor unit, lithium-manganese battery and remote throttle control with integrated board computer and magnetic on/off switch.

Source: Torqeedo

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