Triumph Boats Launches Revolutionary 1700 Skiff

The Triumph Boats website features details on the 1700 Skiff Boat.

According to Triumph Boats, skiffs have been defined by flimsy fiberglass single wall hulled boats with unfinished interiors. Now Triumph Boats is revolutionizing the skiff using Roplene rotationally molded plastic construction technology. The Triumph Skiff 1700 features dual wall uni-hull construction, providing a fully finished interior and a super-tough, no maintenance exterior with five times the impact resistance of fiberglass that will never crack, blister, peel or fade.

Filling the space between the interior and exterior walls is foaming polyethylene that creates unmatched structural integrity, water impermeable flotation and impact resistance. The 1700 Skiff, like all Triumph’s, provides a distinctively smooth, dry and quiet ride, unlike competing skiffs that deliver a rough, wet and noisy ride.

Triumph Skiff 1700 offers a capacity of 1,800 pounds and 9 persons. With a floor measuring 80 inches and an overall length measuring 17 feet 8 inches, the Triumph Skiff provides a spacious 93 square feet of deck space.

Drawing only 6 inches of water the Triumph 1700 Skiff can get into the shallowest flats, tidal creeks, mangroves and backwaters. A 7.5 degree dead rise and a “V” bow entry combine to deliver superior handling and a dry ride.

Source: Triumph Boats


  1. Bill Smith says:

    I have a Triumph 1700 and love it, but everything has its disadvantages. Refueling is involved and invconvenient, and the fuel gauges are unreliable. The flat bottom is great for shallows and sand bars and in-shore fishing, but the boat actually turns too readily for my taste, making it annoyingly easy to over-steer in cramped slow-speed situations in wind. One little error and you can swing 90 degrees. The stern is very prone to fishtail. Of course you get used to this and learn to deal with it, but still odd, and makes it tough to turn an inexperienced teenager loose solo. I have 65 HP, which is under-powered.

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