Torqeedo Electric Outboards Featured In National Geographic TV Series

According to Torqeedo, the electric outboard maker will be featured in an upcoming episode of National Geographic’s TV series “Planet Mechanics”.

Torqeedo reports that the series focuses on ways to lower energy consumption by utilizing the environmentally-conscious technology of the future. The episode is entitled “Electric Water Taxi” and follows hosts Dick Strawbridge and Jem Stensfield as they travel to Venice, Italy, to save the beautiful city from the damaging effects of boat pollution. To achieve this goal, they build an eco-friendly water taxi that operates on a solar-powered motor.

Due to their need for an extremely efficient drive capable of converting solar power into propulsive power, the hosts chose to use a Torqeedo Cruise motor and Power lithium batteries on their water taxi. A strong outboard was needed to keep up with the flow of Venice’s heavy water traffic. Using Torqeedo’s high power lithium batteries helped limit weight and increase space on the small boat.

Source: Torqeedo

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