Prepare Your Boat For Hurricane Season Now

With the start of hurricane season, the BoatUS homepage offers tips that can help your boat make it through this storm season.  Among the suggestions on the BoatUS page…

Make your hurricane plan now, before hurricane warnings are posted.

Year after year, some boaters are lulled into believing a storm won’t come their way and fail to make a serious effort until a hurricane is forecast. However, by then there may be no one available to haul their boat ashore and stores may be sold out of basic hurricane supplies such as rope, anchors or fenders.

Speak to your marina staff about their hurricane plans. 

BoatUS has found that the best hurricane damage prevention requires a full partnership with your marina or boat club. If you have not already talked with your marina manager, do it today. Does your marina have a hurricane club? Learn the details now.


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