Deep Impact Power Boats Releases the Tiger Lily Orange Quad Engine

Here are images of the latest boat from Plantation Boat Mart and Marina and Deep Impact Power Boats: The Tiger Lily Orange Quad Engine.

According to Deep Impact Powerboats…

At the end of February 2008, Plantation Boat Mart and Marina and Deep Impact Power Boats came out with the latest beautiful Quad Engine Deep Impact Power Boat that is “Tiger Lily Orange” and the only one of its kind. Like the other Quad Engine Deep Power Boats, the Tiger Lily Orange Quad Engine also bears the four-stroke 300 Mercury Verado Engines, weighs in excess of 15,000 pounds and gets up to speeds of 80 miles per hour. One of the biggest attractions to the recently produced Quad Engine Deep Impact Power Boats though, has been the incredible cruising speeds of 65-70 mph it reaches at 5,000 rpm, while still maintaining a mile-to-the-gallon and a comfortable ride in bumpy seas.

With each Deep Impact Power Boat built, each boat is designed to be a one-of-kind vessel with features such as having different hull color options (available in either a full hull color or a two-tone color hull) and different interior options. The new, Tiger Lily Orange Quad Engine Deep Impact Power Boat is a fully customized boat that was built for a customer (who currently owns a Triple Engine Deep Impact Power Boat) that wanted his new boat color to match his company cranes, trucks and heavy equipment.

“Recently we put the newest Quad Engine Deep Impact, done in a brilliant Tiger Lily Orange two-tone color, at the land display of the Miami Boat Show Poker Run put on by the Florida Powerboat Club. It was jammed day and night with the poker runners and guests of Holiday Isle constantly admiring the unique layout and gorgeous color of the boat, especially when the sun hit the sides,” commented Carl Hansen from Plantation Boat Mart and Marina. “Despite the fact that the majority of club members have “over the top” powerboats, the Deep Impact still fits their extreme tastes and “need for speed” but provides a more practical layout for their family, larger groups of friends and just general everyday use. Add to that, a five year engine warranty which is something that is very strange to them, and it is no surprise that more than one club member has put Deep Impact in their current or future plans.”

The Tiger Lily Orange Quad Engine also has a twin-step hull design and is fully glassed together with Kevlar lining throughout that includes a second lamination schedule. Like all Deep Impact Power Boats the Quad Engines are built, and fully customized, exactly how the buyer wants it and is unlike what any other center console builder can do for their customers. Whether a fisherman, luxury or performance boater Deep Impact Power Boats has something for everyone looking for a center console.

Source: Deep Impact Boats

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