2008 Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V – Classic car styling on the water

General Motors Trademark and Licensing representatives recently traveled to Malibu Boats to experience the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V.

Malibu designers gave General Motors Trademark and Licensing representatives a preliminary look at the 2008 Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V.

Gene Reamer, Trademark and Licensing Manager for GM, was impressed with what he saw. “The boat looks great! I am very pleased to see Malibu has incorporated so many Corvette styling cues and features into the boat, including the cove, stainless steel exhaust tips and LS7 engine (available in the Z06 version).”

Reamer and his associates visited the Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V in the final stages of development. Malibu designers and engineers are fine tuning the interior design and exploring the boats exceptional abilities on the water.

“The C6 version of the Corvette boat has sparked innovation and the use of technologies never before seen in the water sports industry,” explained Dan Gasper, Director of the Malibu Boats Research and Development Center and Lead Designer.

Based on the 2008 C6 Corvette, this Malibu will be available in Coupe and Z06 editions. The Z06 package includes the 512 horse power, 7.0L, LS7. This engine pumps out 637 Nm of torque and is joined by Z06 emblems and trailer wheels in the Z06 package.

“I’m impressed with Malibu’s ability to execute a true Corvette boat,” Reamer concluded. “They have created a unique water craft that demonstrates Malibu’s design and engineering capabilities.”

Source: Malibu Boats

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