The Lear Baylor 204 electric boat offers comfort and ease over horsepower

The New York Times features a story on Lear Baylor Inc. and the growing appeal of easy to use boats.

While some boaters seek maximum speed and horsepower from the boats they choose, others are looking for a quieter and more laid-back ride on the water. The Lear 204 Electric Boat is designed for boaters who want to enjoy the water at their own pace.

The New York Times article describes the Lear 204…

In its cruising position, it is a sleek 20-footer shaped a little like a racer, allowing driver and date to snuggle at the end of an elongated bow.

With the flick of a toggle, however, four electric motors raise the bow cover to become the hard top of a party boat suitable for entertaining 10 guests. There is a fridge, freshwater sink, fold-out table, deck and private head. Hard plastic windows flip down and slide to enclose the cabin. It goes six m.p.h., tops.

Lear Electric boat was founded by Shanda Lear, daughter of inventor, entrepreneur Bill Lear and Shanda’s husband Terry Baylor.

Here’s some YouTube video of the Lear 204 in action.

Source: The New York Times,, YouTube

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