N2KView from Maretron offers PC based vessel monitoring and control

Maretron now offers PC based vessel monitoring and control software (N2KView). N2KView monitors virtually all NMEA 2000® information including engines, gensets, tanks, rudders, navigation instruments, local weather, electrical systems and more.

Information can be viewed from one or more stations on the vessel or remotely via an Internet connection.

N2KView is completely user-configurable and users are free to design different screens to their exact requirements while easily switching from screen to screen for monitoring different vessel systems.

Digital displays, analog gauges, graphical displays, warning lights , bar graphs – all can be configured exactly as desired.

Maretron says they have a complete product roadmap planned for the N2KView software including such things as alarms and electrical system integration. Together with their sister company Moritz Aerospace and under the umbrella of Carling Technologies, N2KView will eventually allow the user to turn on or off electrical devices with a touch of the screen while monitoring the status of those circuits as well.

Source: Maretron


  1. A.M. says:

    >Looks like a great product. Anyone know the price?

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  2. Kimmy says:

    >Great product.

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