First marine catalytic converter arrives for 2007

Boat engines are going to have to get cleaner in California to comply with new laws that go into effect in 2008. Boating Magazine’s website features a story on how catalytic converters have been adapted for marine use to reduce emissions.

Indmar Marine has created an engine called the Indmar 5.7 liter ETX/CAT that features an exhaust catalyst system.

According to the article, catalytic converters were once thought to be too hot to put in a boat engine. Temperature control was one of many issues that had to be worked out to create a cleaner boat engine.

What do you think of the new California law to reduce boat emissions? What effect do you think it will have on new boat design? Leave a comment below and tell us.


  1. Patrick Flynn says:

    >”The need for catalytic converters is questionable.” “…regulations are a solution looking for a problem.”

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. The danger is in the deadly, odorless, colorless gas of carbon monoxide. Dozens of deaths have been attributed to the exhaust from boats, and dozens (if not hundreds) more deaths were wrongfully classified as drowned prior to the requirement for autopsies with water involved deaths.

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