Boat tax in Kentucky causes controversy on Ohio River

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, reports on the controversy over boat taxes in Kentucky. Some Kentucky boaters might go as far to as move their watercraft to the other side of the Ohio River, a drastic step to avoid paying a tax many feel is unfair.

The Kentucky Department of Revenue rarely enforced a tax on boats, but that changed this year. The Department of Revenue also has the option to impose back taxes up to five years. The average tax bill for a boat is $700.

Some boat owners are angry that the boat tax is being enforced now because the state never bothered to collect it before. To defy the tax, some boat owners have considered movoving their yachts and houseboats the Ohio side of the river, where there is no personal property tax for boats.

What do you think? Would you go as far as to move your boat to another state to avoid paying taxes? Let us know and post a comment below.

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